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waterI am practicing water mind.

Water is the great connector, uniting the infinite and the miniscule without bias, without preference. From the body’s cells to the earth’s land masses, water connects what seems separate, distant, and different, into one seamless whole.

Water unites the earth with the sky through the never-ending cycle of evaporation and precipitation. This process of flow mirrors the path all beings follow—becoming, being, dying…life, death, recycle. Our destination of returning is never in question.

Steam above a sizzling street
Smoky fog that claims the sea
Rising mist, descending rain
And it all begins again.

Water is able to both expand and contract, and the same is true of the human spirit. When we are harsh to a child, their spirit contracts. When we love a child, their spirit expands. This is why the practice of metta—of lovingkindness—is so powerful. An expanding spirit is capable of touching all living beings.

May all beings be happy
May all beings be healed and whole
May all have whatever they want and need
May all be protected from harm and free from fear
May all beings enjoy inner peace and ease
May all be awakened, liberated and free
May there be peace in this world
and throughout the entire universe.

Regardless of the obstacles encountered, water does not stop. It does not give up. Water will rest, however, and wait for the proper circumstances—a path, an opening.

I am practicing water mind. Moving, joining, nurturing, cleansing, renewing…when everything is experienced as this “One”—when flow is simply flow—then there is no separation…no pain, destruction, lack, hurt, death. There are no hard surfaces to bump up against and nothing to grab hold of. This mind of endless, effortless rest, renewal, and movement, is as calm as doing…as simply Being.

The end of every journey is a new beginning, every destination is temporary, every goal is cyclical.

Beginning complete, we remain complete.

With nowhere to go,
There is nothing to fulfill
Except our destiny.


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