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Well, it’s been a few days and I think I might understand this writer’s block thing a bit more. Although life itself is an act of creation, inspiration encourages that life to blossom to its full potential. Plato told me this by way of Statesman:

“…the concept of poetic inspiration, enthusiasm, or madness…is a necessary condition for poetic creativity…”

I think he was saying that one needs to have something to say in order to have something to say. Maybe that’s the problem…my concept is good but I’m not too sure what I’m trying to say. Damn.

Well, obviously I was able to write this, having been inspired, ironically, by lack of inspiration. As for my book and its looming deadline…perhaps I should try a little madness instead…


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I’m trying to finish a book. It’s supposedly going to be similar to my first one…more of a manual and curriculum guide. The problem is…it’s not happening.

I have a deadline. I’ve known about it for many many months but, knowing that some of my best work happens at the last minute, I’ve waited until…you guessed it…the last minute. Usually deadlines serve to motivate and inspire me. Days before a given time is up I can usually be found coaxing text from my computer, experimenting with ingredients in the kitchen, and laying down another track in GarageBand. When deadlines loom, creative production swells exponentially. This time is different, though. The impending deadline is not working. No music is pouring forth, no desserts are being invented, and no amount of coaxing is convincing those words to organize themselves into cohesive sentences.

Writer’s block (or any creativity breakdown) happens to all of us, I know. It just doesn’t seem to make sense! I mean, our very existence is defined by creativity. From the first meeting of egg and sperm, to every personal aesthetic action throughout life, creativity abounds. The way we adorn ourselves, how we decorate our homes, the political parties we align ourselves with—every motion in life is a creative interpretation of existence. Whether we choose to write a poem or run the fastest mile, we all share this common expression of life. As we place aesthetic value upon our lives, we make our selves living art. Ergo, with my creative self being an intrinsic part of my psyche, I should be able to create.

“All living art will be irrational, primitive, and complex; it will speak a secret language and leave behind documents not of edification but of paradox.”
~Hugo Ball

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